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Donations by Check

Payable to: 

“The Rain and Rose Charitable Fund”

Michael and Vicky Basile
Attn: The Rain and Rose Charitable Fund

3207 Plantation Vlg,

Dorado, PR 00646


Intended for fiscal sponsorship of Creator Academy LLC

Donations by Wire

JP Morgan Chase Bank

270 Park Ave.

New York, NY 100017

For Acct of: 

The Rain and Rose Charitable Fund
ABA: 021000021
Account: 758189893


Intended for fiscal sponsorship of Creator Academy LLC

About Our Fiscal Sponsors

Creator Academy is authorized by Rain and Rose Charitable Fund to receive Act 22 and charitable donations.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Creator Academy to support Puerto Rico redevelopment.

Join us in exploring the rebirth of the original town hall of Puerto Rico and former children's museum. 

This iconic building has sat abandoned for many years. We're excited to have the opportunity to bring it back to life, in service of the local community. Revenue generated will help support education programs on the island.

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